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When you need a refrigeration system repaired, serviced or installed at a commercial or industrial property, Eastland Air Conditioning & Refrigeration is here to help. We understand many refrigeration repairs and issues require immediate solutions, which is why our team is always ready for calls.

We have years of experience working with large refrigeration systems. Our team knows the mechanics inside and out, and we’re ready to handle the whole job.
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Commercial Refrigeration

We service, install and repair commercial refrigeration systems of all sizes. Whether you run a restaurant, keep a large commercial freezer in your business or have other refrigeration facilities at your location, we can help you keep it working at its prime.

Our team is not particular. Whatever kind of refrigeration system you have, we’ll be able to service and repair it or install a new one when needed. Make sure your goods, frozen items, perishables and refrigerated stock is kept at the right temperature all the time.
Refrigeration Compressors — Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services in Harbour, NSW

Industrial Refrigeration

Large and small industrial refrigeration systems need regular maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. Our team can keep your industrial refrigeration serviced, perform any necessary repairs or install new systems when required.

From high-temperature process chillers to medical freezers and more, we work with all types of industrial refrigeration. We’ll come to your location and work on the system whenever you need us.
Double-Door Refrigerator in a Kitchen — Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services in Harbour, NSW

Refrigerated Catering Equipment

If you provide catering services or food transportation, you may need help keeping your refrigeration equipment maintained. We can support your business by maintaining all your catering and chilled ... Read more
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Warranty Repairs

If you’ve got a refrigeration product under warranty, let Eastland Air Conditioning & Refrigeration take care of the repairs. In New South Wales, customers are allowed to choose where to get warranty repairs!