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REsidential & Commercial Air Conditioning


Eastland Air Conditioning & Refrigeration provides servicing, installations and repairs for homes and businesses in Coffs Harbour and surrounding systems. Our team is fast-acting, reliable and efficient, doing our best to keep your air conditioning system in great shape!

With our expertise in air conditioner service Coffs Harbour people rely on, we provide quality service at an affordable price.

For expert advice on the air conditioning installation, repair, and service in homes and businesses, give us a call!
Air Conditioner Compressor Installed — Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services in Harbour, NSW

Commercial Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is necessary for commercial buildings, especially for the comfort of your customers and workers. Don’t wait until the heat of summer to fix up your AC system! Our team can install a system or perform routine maintenance on your existing unit to help it last as long as possible. Whatever it takes to keep your business cool, we’re up to the task.
Air Conditioner on the Roof — Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services in Harbour, NSW

Industrial Air Conditioning

With regular air conditioner servicing and timely repairs, we’ll ensure your system runs smoothly and with minimal downtime. Industrial air conditioning is more complex than other types. Since you’re likely cooling machinery, balancing humidity and keeping the air filtered, you need to be sure your system is running well at all times. Eastland ... Read more
AC Units Connected to the Residential House — Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services in Harbour, NSW

Residential Air Conditioning

We also work with home air conditioning systems! Whether you need a new unit to keep your house cool or just needs some simple repairs completed, you can give us a call. Our team is ready for action when required. For warranty repairs, talk to our team. We offer ... Read more
Refrigeration Compressor Unit — Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services in Harbour, NSW
Eastland Air Conditioning & Refrigeration works with all major brands of air conditioners. We deal with large, custom systems and individual AC units for commercial, industrial and residential applications. If you need a new unit, system installation or maintenance and repairs, call us now.

Why Service Your Air Conditioner?

Each year Eastland Air Conditioning receives calls from desperate homeowners baking in the heat and humidity. Their AC units have broken down because rather than investing in preventative care like an air conditioner service from our Sunshine Coast team, they have left maintenance until it is too late.

There are several good reasons why ensuring that your AC unit gets a regular service can help you to avoid such breakdowns.

Keep your unit going for longer

The most obvious reason to call in Eastland before it is too late is to ensure that your air conditioner is ready to go for the upcoming season. While there is obviously a limited to the lifespan of a conditioner system, picking up on malfunctioning or faulty parts can reduce wear and tear, and keep your unit going for longer.

Reducing repair costs

In the event that your unit breaks down even though you have had regular maintenance, you are likely to see significantly reduced repair costs. This is because the AC unit failures are likely to be much smaller, or even identified during your annual service, and fixed before it becomes a much bigger problem.

Avoiding replacement costs

An air conditioning unit is a very costly piece of machinery, and so it will be very expensive for you to have to replace it within a few years because the unit has failed. Regular maintenance and annual services help to prevent this kind of cost from occurring.

Keeping your unit clean

You rely upon your air conditioner to pump cooling air into your home, and for that reason alone it is essential that your unit is as clean as possible. Removing potential mould and bacteria spots within the air conditioner prevents them from flourishing, and contaminating your home when they are pushed into the atmosphere by the unit.

Save money with an annual service

A very good reason to choose to have a regular air conditioner service on the Sunshine Coast from Eastland Air Conditioning is because we can help you to save money. If your AC unit is regularly maintained, it is more likely to work at peak efficiency, cooling your air with less energy use, keeping your electricity bill lower.

To find out more about how our maintenance service can help you, you need to contact our team today!