For any business which deals in perishable goods, commercial refrigeration is a central part of the operation. In New South Wales, it is a business asset of extremely high value.

As many businesses rely on refrigeration, its efficient working can sometimes be taken for granted. Indeed, commercial fridges and freezer usually work enough for everyday use.

However, this can disguise the fact that their working features are suffering; something which can have serious consequences.

As experts in refrigeration Coffs Harbour commercial enterprises call, we know that maintaining these fixtures regularly makes good business sense.

Running Costs

Commercial refrigeration equipment is not cheap to run. This is a fact of life which business owners will no doubt be familiar with.

However, poorly maintained equipment can significantly add to these running costs.

It may not be obvious during everyday business activities, but hard working fridges and freezers use much more electricity.

The thing is, you or your staff may not notice anything wrong.

Common issues with refrigeration are things like clogged drain lines, or loose seals.

These happen over time, with everyday use. They don’t necessarily lead to clunking noises or noticeably overworked motors.

What problems like this mean is that refrigerant is lost, or doesn’t pass through the system smoothly, as it should.

Over a quarter, these inefficiencies will show up on your electricity bill. Not only that, over longer periods of time, machinery will need replacing more often.

Again, these costs won’t be obvious immediately, so won’t prompt anyone to fix them.

Monthly, quarterly, twice-yearly or annual maintenance schedules avoid these increased running costs completely.

Risk Management

Regularly maintaining the commercial refrigeration Coffs Harbour companies need has other benefits too.

Firstly, it reduces the likelihood of breakdowns. As small, hidden problems go unfixed, this increases their chances of developing into large, obvious ones.

If a commercial fridge or freezer stops working, even partly, this has severe cost implications. Not only do they cost quite a bit to fix, but you may lose a lot of product.

Any downtime for refrigeration equipment is expensive.

For some businesses, hiring temporary cool rooms is the least expensive way through these situations.

When cooling equipment is out of service, business has to be put on hold. All of this can be avoided with regular servicing.

Of course, insurance premiums will also increase for every breakdown. Not only that, equipment may be out of manufacturer’s warranty if it’s not serviced regularly.

Exposure to this kind of liability is something any business can do without.

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